Were ever so many chips consumed by a single group of people over a 14 day period?

We have been glorying in the crunch of many flavours. Three years ago we discovered an outstanding number at Extra Foods in Humboldt, President’s Choice Rosemary-and-something, but it has vanished from the shelves, along with the end of its name, and is sadly mourned.

But we live in the present, and here are, I believe, our locally available firmest favourites, in alphabetical order. In short, we like ’em all (but Miss Vicky’s could really be our chip of choice).

Doritos Dillicious Taco Chips
Lay’s Dill Pickle Chips
Lay’s Plain Salted Chips
Miss Vicky’s Lime and Black Pepper
Miss Vicky’s Sweet Chili and Sour Cream
President’s Choice Parmesan and Garlic
President’s Choice Roast Garlic
Tostitos Hint of Lime

Though we have been going mainly dipless, we surely did enjoy our revered blog guru Tracy’s home made salsa while it lasted. And it must be clearly and definitively stated that although Brenda would never normally eat such things, she showed real class when she invested in an armload of chips for the troops one snowy afternoon at the Humboldt IGA.

The gin drinker in me quietly wishes to point out the perfect harmony I discovered between Lay’s Dill Pickle Chips (or Tostitos Hint of Lime) and a large G&T; with lemon.

As the colony progressed, things got more and more excessive. We augmented our chipping with some dipping into other food substances, aside from smoked oysters. Mari-Lou once again demonstrated her elegant way with roast garlic (plus brie plus jalapeno dip) on french bread. Annette offered us some healthful options: green grapes, shrimp rings; and chipped in with Bernadette to assemble some mighty nachos. And last night we were the grateful recipients of a hit and run appetizer strike from the kitchen, when an artfully presented tray of hand-piped tuna and egg salad materialized in the lounge at the appointed hour (thank you Brother Pius!)

Of course, there is also nothing like a good bowl of popcorn, which we enjoy thanks to the colony’s air popper and the tireless efforts of those who know how to aim it.

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