Borrowed Rooms and banana jam

It’s been a frosty old Christmas season here. It’s melting, but cold and grey right now. Last night’s epic journey over the Malahat was cut cruelly short by a blizzard near the summit; first time I’ve ever had to turn back trying to get up-island. Still, we get swans on the Gorge in compensation and the municipal workers are out there right now baring the path so old Anton won’t slip and slide so much on our walks.

Christmas day’s diversion was making banana jam: mighty good on yogurt, flavoured with cinnamon, lime zest and rum.

And here’s a new year invitation to look forward to: the launch of Barbara Pelman‘s new collection Borrowed Rooms. The event will be celebrated with music, refreshments, and of course poetry! It happens at Congregation Emanu-El (1461 Blanshard at Pandora, Victoria) Sunday, February 1, 2009 from 2 to 4 pm. Books will be on sale for $16.00 with profits to be donated to the synagogue’s Mikvah fund.

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