ASLE underway

I’ve been short a few iambs here at the Cafe lately, but this week should catch me up. The “Island Time”-themed 2009 edition of the ASLE biannual conference is underway in Victoria, running until Saturday. Much to say about much of interest, but as it’s late with an early start, I’ll just report that I enjoyed my reading this morning with three excellent south-of-the-border poets: William Kupinse, Lucille Lang Day (who’s also written a jell-o poem!) and Gyorgyi Voros. Our session was called Poems on Ecological Themes: Science, Technology, Food, and Ferment and we had a pretty good audience, particularly considering it was the first slot on the first day of the conference. We covered a lot of poetic ground between us, including science, sustainability and atom bombs, with gravy on top.

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