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Nourishing Indiana

Here in the curious world of the conference hotel, if you can find the stairs, they won’t necessarily take you where you want to go. And they are bleak enough to discourage the faint-hearted. I enjoyed a good fifteen minute … Continue reading

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Genetically-modified October

There has been a fair amount of GMO action, good and bad, this month. On October 10, the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee bravely invited public input into their deliberations on the question of whether to allow Genetically-Modified (GM) seed crops … Continue reading

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Spring on the wing

Spring is erupting in all directions. The Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) nest that graces my fence has very recently produced three newborns and I’m looking forward to watching their progress (and seeing how they all squeeze into a space that’s … Continue reading

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Food – sight and sound

B is for Bananas (if you didn’t know why it was important to buy these organic and Fairtrade, here’s your briefing)   BANANAS!* trailer.   B is also for Bees   Queen of the Sun trailer from Youtube.   And … Continue reading

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