Cherries and carrots and sweet summer weather

A weekend stop in Duncan is not complete without coffee at Saison Vineyard, and neither can coffee be drunk without something to nibble on from the bakery.

Saison Vineyard+Garden July 2011Saison Bakery SelectionsSaison Black Cherry Upside Down Cake




Choices were very tough indeed on my recent visit, but the black cherry upside down cake prevailed. Some nice looking produce on the veg stand as well, but we were heading to the farmers market on a pretty warm day, so we had to leave it all behind.Maple Bay Mt Maxwell July 2011

Spent the afternoon lolling about in good company at Maple Bay, where the breeze subsided to leave an utterly perfect afternoon view of Mount Maxwell, with sailboats and kayakers passing by and an osprey busying itself above.

Meanwhile, back in Victoria, things are well at Haliburton Farm, where the farmstand continues to groan with plenty, and the weekly veg boxes are plumped out with seasonal treats. This week the takings included sui choy and cherries, the plumpest, sweetest sugar snap peas, and bundles of carrots and herbs (Lemon Bergamot, chocolate mint, and tender young cilantro).

Haliburton Sugar Snap Peas July 2011Haliburton Herbs July 2011Haliburton Zucchini July 2011

Haliburton Cherries July 2011Haliburton Carrots July 2011Haliburton Sui Choy July 2011

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