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The Future… and the Rice Porridge

I attended (virtually) the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery again this year, with much less time available to spend perusing the papers and attending the followup question and answer sessions, but it was delightful to spend some time with … Continue reading

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Food & Hubris

The last of the Feed Your Mind lectures I was able to attend at Kings College was Creating Meat with Stem Cell Technology, a presentation by Mark Post of Maastricht University. He was behind the “stem burgers” launched with great … Continue reading

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Saving BC’s agricultural land

In a day parenthesized by chilly rain, the sun decided to shine on today’s Food for the Future rally at the BC Legislature. For an hour or so, a swelling crowd of young, old and four-footed fans of food and … Continue reading

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A larger world

                        Today’s class was about pediatric nutrition, and inevitably, we entered into discussions about obesity: how malnourished mothers give birth to the same problems in their babies as did … Continue reading

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Short film: la surconsommation

In what is pretty much a condensed version of Our Daily Bread, this six minute film gives us hundreds of thousands of good reasons to support small-scale, local, organic food production, processing and retailing.

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