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Easter break

Well it’s nearly over, our two weeks of blissed out sunshiny whateveritwaswedid. Most of my classmates took off for foreign shores: Copenhagen, New York, Istanbul, Montreal, Seoul… I stayed in Parma, mostly, just to be different. And just to have … Continue reading

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A few surplus and possibly excessive words on waste

There’s obviously something in the air right now; there was a well-portioned segment of the BBC program You and Yours about consumer food waste on Wednesday. The core of the discussion was a recently released survey by the UK recycling … Continue reading

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Having suddenly realised the end is nigh, or at least that there is a risk all the food in our cupboards might not get eaten before the end of July, I was moved to take out a bag of soja … Continue reading

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Bilingual technophobia

So I’ve had this boring technology drama going on for a couple of months now that I thought I would share with the world. I came to Italy with an Acer Aspire laptop I bought in Canada last March, and … Continue reading

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Exam shazaam & Vinitaly

I read somewhere that on this day in 1755, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin was born in France. He wrote The Physiology of Taste, about the pleasures of food, published in 1825 when he was just 69. I should like to add that … Continue reading