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Slowing down in Victoria

It’s been a busy and beautiful week in Victoria. Little actual reading or cooking going on.. although much thinking about food, many walks, anguished glances at dehydrating garden, and even a little fence painting happening — until the clouds gather … Continue reading

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More from the half read library, and turmeric

I was reading Adrienne Rich’s collection of essays, What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics. I thought she gave a very cogent summary of issues around form: “Poetic forms – meters, rhyming patterns, the shaping of poems into … Continue reading


Mocambo and smoked salmon

Went to Mocambo last night where Tanis MacDonald and Elizabeth Bachinsky were on the bill. She’s touring the east with a pair of poets, Michael V. Smith and Jennica Harper, who also made an appearance, as did local and seldom … Continue reading

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Haiku, shrimp dumplings and weird Weight Watchers cards

Want to talk Haiku?Petals fall on Vancouver.Poets everywhere. The annual Haiku Canada conference will be held in Vancouver over the Victoria Day weekend in May (19th -22nd) at UBC. Check the website for more information. Last night I thought I’d … Continue reading


That old launch of mine

So.. the launch was a lovely elegant affair in a lovely elegant building, adorned with fantastic art and incredible furniture.Note the throne they seated me on and the special little signing mat, and the height of the table which meant … Continue reading