Musical interlude

One for all my snow-weary British friends. I hope you can stay inside and be warm.

[dailymotion id=video/x3nq8t?width=&theme=none&foreground=%23F7FFFD&highlight=%23FFC300&background=%23171D1B&start=&animatedTitle=&iframe=0&additionalInfos=0&autoPlay=0&hideInfos=0]
Song for a Winter’s Night-Gordon Lightfoot
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2 Responses to Musical interlude

  1. Bernadette says:

    Rhona, I would add that it's important to also call the Senators to task on this, as Adopt A Negotiator has suggested. I called two SK Senators yesterday. First, I called Pamela Wallin's office and suggested she did not give the legislation the 'sober second thought' traditionally given by the Senate. This morning, she was on The Current, shilling for Harper!

    I also called David Tkachuk's office yesterday. I had to insist that my name and contact info be taken down and recorded. Yeesh!

    BTW, the names and contact info of the Senators who voted against C-311 is at the link.

    Hope you're well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a lovely video to accompany one of the best winter songs ever! Thanks, Rhona. A month or so ago I was listening to a different version in a link with a Vancouver cousin.

    Stay dry, stay warm yourself, eh?

    Love, Nancy x