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A little more on beef and climate change

Think it and it shall be published. Time magazine features an article this week called “Save the planet: Eat more beef” which offers much the same arguments that Joel Salatin gives: feed ruminants what they are designed to eat, manage … Continue reading

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Meat & Methane

Last Monday’s meeting of the BCSEA was billed as “Getting to Zero Carbon: What’s Meat Got To Do With It?” but there was in the end little discussion of meat. Instead the speaker, Dr. Peter Carter, spent most of the … Continue reading

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Who owns our news?

If you were wondering why it seems we have no free press in this country, the point was driven home with even more force than usual when I received a notice from the Writers Union of Canada, regarding the Heather … Continue reading

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Cosmetic pesticides, and a poetic loss to Planet Earth

The Government of BC is seeking public input on cosmetic use of pesticides as they consider whether to ban pesticides in BC; email form makes it easy at the Canadian Cancer Society website. Screenings of A Chemical Reaction – documentary … Continue reading

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Inconvenient truths: dogs

We of the high minds will inevitably run into problems if we try to follow our principles to the letter. If we are pursuing sustainability in all realms – food, finance, environment – we will find along the way some … Continue reading

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