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In Italia

Don’t have my laptop and so unable to download the squillions of photos I took in Pompeii and Herculaneum last weekend… will have to post these retrospectively when I can. Suffice to say we had a delicious time with perfect … Continue reading


Borough Market

Treated myself to a soothing time at Borough Market today; Thursdays are less fraught than Saturdays, and the weather was fine and the food looking good as ever. Some Spanish cheeses at Brindisi.. Nice sausages, and plenty of them. Tis … Continue reading

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Rambling in London

Have spent a pleasant – if still snivelly – couple of days wandering familiar streets and revisiting what old haunts remain, like my beloved Food For Thought, whose quiche and salad plate has changed little in the 20 years I’ve … Continue reading

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Catching up with food, poetry and a great big cold

Time has been slipping by and a bout of flu stopped me from catching up earlier. Here are a couple of pictures from a French market which sprang up out of nowhere in the N1 Centre in Islington one chilly … Continue reading

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Why I’m not voting in the Canadian election

I will just interrupt the cheery flow of poetry and food to have another virtual temper tantrum. In case you ever doubted that even young countries can have hopeless bureaucracies, I want to share with you the sorry tale of … Continue reading

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