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Kent, and then suddenly Spain

On Friday we decided to re-enact our historic walk (last year) in the Kent countryside, and so we did. We walked to Luddesdown whose church was closed again. Nearby we saw again this old (? grain mill?) but last year … Continue reading

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Parma farewell

A last walk round Parma on Wednesday, before I left. Local artists have left their mark on the pots and pans since they first appeared in November. Snowing in Borgo della Pace? Market day as busy as ever. Enoteca Fontana … Continue reading

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Return to Mosaiko

I was worried when the website for Ristorante Mosaiko dropped off the virtual map, but the place itself is still three dimensional, and chef Davide di Dio assured me that the website was only being redesigned, and would return one … Continue reading

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Croce di Malta

Yesterday’s lunch was a delight, in the clean bright and delicious world of Croce di Malta in central Parma. I’d had a wretched supper the night before, ill-advisedly following an internet recommendation of Trattoria Corrieri, a place I’d passed a … Continue reading

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Springtime in Parma

Back in my old stomping grounds for a few days. The Torrente Parma looking respectably damp; the blob at lower centre/left is a nutria! Somebody waits for you… But what I was waiting for was a K2 conetto flower… Looks … Continue reading

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