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How I wish I were in England now

…for then I could rush out to the newsagent and buy a copy of the Independent on Sunday, and read Nancy’s poem which appears in its pages today. Since I am not and I cannot, instead I will browse the … Continue reading

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In which I revisit a couple of cooking sites

I was feeling so much better this evening, and checking a few food/recipe sites, testing my tolerance for pictures of food (still fairly low – glad that so far you don’t get aromas through the laptop) and I noticed a … Continue reading

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Sick of being sick, food in Britain, and copyrighting recipes

I have been languishing in my sickbed for two solid days, mostly too ill for meditation, although I have reached the following conclusion: surely the ailment that delivers the hardest blow to the solar plexis of the student of food … Continue reading

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Innocent fun with hot beverages

Needing some fresh air, I took a walk around Oltretorrente, just across the river; BBC Weather said it was foggy and cold. Who can you trust? I was trying to study some Italian this afternoon when I got distracted by … Continue reading


Corn and turkeys

I was confused when I first moved to England about use of the term “corn” – which to North Americans means the yellow kernels that brighten every summer picnic. In England it’s used in its traditional and more wide-ranging sense, … Continue reading