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Nancy Breaks Her Silence

What a lovely audience — in The Crypt at St Mary’s Islington, November 9. Back in London one more time. I can’t think when I last read with Nancy, but I suppose it was sometime in the nineties, that long … Continue reading

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Aubergine to Zucchini

Now that I’m back in England I’m having to revive my English vocabulary. Aubergine not eggplant. Courgette not zucchini. Bicarbonate of soda not baking soda. Chips not fries. So for lunch yesterday we had one of my favourite soups, which … Continue reading

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End of Aldeburgh

Where did it all go? One minute the weekend dizzies delightfully before us, the next it’s over. Sunday was a modest blur, beginning with the hugely popular reading by the Joy of Six, whose venue – like that of many … Continue reading

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More Aldeburgh Poetry

Saturday was a long ‘un. After our workshop (and fish pie) we dashed off to Aldeburgh to attend the conversation with Sharon Olds. Michael Laskey presided, in place of Philip Levine who’d had to cancel, and did an admirable job … Continue reading

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Aldeburgh Poetry

Another day, another meal. We had a gorgeous fish pie for lunch today, mid-poetry workshop. Tammy attributes the recipe to Clodagh who pinched it from Sophie Grigson. The world’s simplest fish pie, but success entirely depends on using absolutely fresh … Continue reading

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