Snow, sun and BC books & magazines

We had a shock snowfall on Saturday

but were back to normal (aside from snow on them thar hills) the very next day

and now it is just onward chilly spring.

I went to a reading on Sunday by four local writers in celebration of B.C. Book and Magazine Week. David Leach, Kerissa Dickie and John Threlfall were scheduled readers, and we got a surprise poetry boost from John Barton as one other reader couldn’t make it. A cold room, sparse audience and much discussed dearth of alcoholic beverages at the bar (it being Sunday, this being Victoria) made it less than cosy, but I reckon there are worse ways to spend a Sunday evening.

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One Response to Snow, sun and BC books & magazines

  1. Carla says:

    The world presses in ever closer. It’s good to come to this blog to read beautiful words and view beautiful pictures, a bit of an escape for me some days. But it is also good to see the acknowledgement of the direct connection between food and agriculture, and multinationals. Thanks for the suggestion of ‘The World According to Monsanto’. I’ll check it out.