Market day

We had a trip to the market in St Nazaire d’Aude this morning, where there was a bit of everything on offer:

This little pig was there to raise money for an animal rescue charity, although I thought positioned rather dangerously near a sausage stand.

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0 Responses to Market day

  1. Theresa K. says:

    Oh, lucky Rhona to have met Claudia Roden, one my heroines. I love her orange and almond cake, for instance — a perfect dessert in winter, esp. if one uses a Seville orange as well as a regular one!

  2. Thanks for putting these pictures up. It’s brought it all back to me. I have happy memories (and Paul’s cold)

  3. I have just looked closely at your photograph of Claudia Roden and realised that you have caught the exact moment when she offerred a piece of the pitta bread that I had baked to Lidsy Bareham. A moment I shall treasure!

  4. Rhona McAdam says:

    Thanks Theresa for the tip about the cake – must try that; Roden’s Mediterranean Cookery book holds a cherished, though I now think under-used, place on my bookshelf; having met her I now want her collected works!

    And Chas, your wonderful pitta bread would have been memorable even without Claudia’s obvious delight in it. (I have spent the week dodging Paul’s cold; I’m sorry you weren’t so lucky!)