Haliburton Work Party and Feast of Fields

Saturday’s work party at Haliburton went surprisingly well: although rain had been forecast, it happily and courteously fell overnight, leaving a fresh-washed farm shining in the sun for a team of workers that included a group of school kids. Our main task of the day was harvesting the chickpeas, which farmer Rod then threshed with his handy Italian tractor

and then “all” we had to do was sort the beans.

When you’re counting chickpeas, a day’s work doesn’t look like much. But that’s why organic costs more… We all had time to agree at some length we would never look at a tin of chickpeas the same way.

After all that sorting

you are ready to sit down and have some lunch.

Naomi had made some excellent soup for us; I contributed a bit of fattoush,

and following this we had many, many cakes: chocolate, chocolate zucchini, plum and grape. Then, after Laura showed us what the Salt Spring zucchini are wearing this season

it was back to work.

A tour of the fields showed the kidney beans and black soya ready to harvest

pumpkin ripening in the fields

and lemon cucumber and purple tomatillo ready for harvest.

Sunday was another beautiful day, perfect for the Feast of Fields, held this year at Providence Farm, a most gorgeous and appropriate setting. Before things got rolling, I had time to do a short inspection of the llama (or is it an alpaca?) enjoying a leisurely tree break and other farm animals.

A few of the sights:

Saanich Organics, with plenty of excellent local fruit and veg to taste

Oak Bay Marina‘s seafood shooters, topped with a clam:

Locals, a treat from Courtenay, with a pulled pork stuffed pasta, very nice:

Seasonality: highlighting local cream in a beautiful pumpkin soup:

LifeCycles offered fruit, including grapes hand picked by moi only days earlier:

Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry had one of the winners, good ol’ beans on toast, featuring local pork and exquisite beans:

Amuse had a highly delectable seafood cucumber topped with jellied tomato water:

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0 Responses to Haliburton Work Party and Feast of Fields

  1. Leah Fritz says:

    I cannot understand this love affair with facebook, etc. Your blog is very informative, Rhona, about important matters, but most people just blab on them. What ever happened to diaries kept under lock and key because personal matters are personal?

  2. Rhona McAdam says:

    Thanks Leah… to me, Facebook has its place (with privacy settings) for sharing news, photos and links with people you couldn't bring together any other way; also a boon for promoting events and causes. And a way of contacting people you'd otherwise struggle to find in this migratory world.

    I think to today's wired population, personal matters are perceived quite differently from what we both grew up with – I'd say it's become a ricepaper world; it does place on each of us the burden of have to screen out what we don't want to know.

    For me the concerns are more with time than privacy: the time it takes to do all that sifting – certainly the time I spend on blogs and social networking is something I will need to reconsider at some point.

    Here's a thought: the time we used to spend face to face is now being eaten up by aimless googling, twittering and facebooking: all verbs that didn't even exist when you and I met!