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Filling that 2009 calendar

A few idle moments lead me to start jotting in my nice clean 2009 diary… Here are a few items to pencil in. January Tuesday 13thAnother chance to catch one of three fundraiser screenings of Island on the Edge, a … Continue reading


Film and food

The Victoria Film Festival‘s on our horizon. Now that we can see the horizon between lashings of rain. It has some food elements, including Mad City Chickens, a film about (what else?) Mad City Chickens, urban poultry farmers in Madison … Continue reading

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Professor President and Whopper Virgins Remix

BBC Radio 4 provides me with most of my entertainment these days (I bless the internet that brings it to me) and I was spellbound the other day by a documentary called Professor President, which explored Obama’s intellectual and teaching … Continue reading

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Food and politics

You can start the new year off in an activating sort of way by exercising some civic muscle on the new federal budget. We, my fellow Canadians, have been invited to offer some guidance to our country’s budgeteers, and share … Continue reading

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Good grubs

We’re glad the snow is mostly gone, but it’s still frosty on the Gorge in the morning, with odd wraiths rising from the deep. There’s nothing like starting off the new year with a good meal somewhere new. I’d wanted … Continue reading

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