Something for the new year

A lot of you expressed envy at my departure for Italy to study food for a year, and to anyone of that mindset in the Victoria area I offer glad tidings: my classmate Don Genova is offering a course at UVic called Food Culture: Fast Food to Slow Food which covers a lot of the sorts of things we learned in Italy. It gives you the opportunity to meet local food producers and doesn’t incur the cost of travel to Italy (though you might feel a need to go once it’s over!).

Here’s Don’s blog/podcast site if you want to get a sense of who he is. He’s a good speaker and he knows everyone, so I think it will be a great class. (And no, I’m not getting a commission, though I have certainly offered to be his assistant!!)

Anyone not in Victoria will perhaps enjoy looking at the scenery (from a walk along the Gorge on Boxing Day) and wishing you were here…

But it’s not all fun and games in Lotusland. We do have a police presence here, and environmentally-minded transportation for them. We weren’t sure what crimes were being fought at this point but it may have been that one of the fisherfolk needed help with a dodgy lure..?

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