It was goodbye Gorge on Tuesday, and hello London Wednesday afternoon.

We left London last night and here we are in Suffolk, where the sun is improbably shining on a cool autumn countryside and the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival is about to get underway. Headliner is Sharon Olds; Philip Levine has had to pull out. My Suffolk hosts have promised me a tour of local fooderies with the possibility of lunch at Butley Orford Oysterage. We tried to lunch there a couple of years ago but were too late for the restaurant; the extremely kind man in the adjoining shop took pity on us and shucked us a couple of dozen to eat standing at the counter with brown bread and butter. Our non-oyster eating companion simply gazed at us in disgust while she meditated on a batch of smoked prawns.

So. Much to look forward to. Looking back on the blur of packing, packing, packing and more packing, the bright moments included a farewell trip to Fanny Bay, where the sun shone on us on our last walk through the Wacky Woods.

A lovely bay on a windy day.

What would farewell to Canada be without a dinner at Tita’s, all dressed up for Halloween? The quince maragaritas were divine and the ancho chile chocolate ganache smoother than silk.

Anton, great dog of the forest, says cheerio.

Rosewall Creek, a beautiful place to walk any time of the year.

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