A week of summer

This week’s excitement was helping out Terralicious, the gardening & cooking school at Haliburton farm. There was a hungry crew to feed lunch to, while they worked to restore the wetlands area that’s attached to the farm and which the university uses to study amphibians and other wetlands wildlife.

Tubs of farm-grown lettuce to wash.

Some sage butter for the squash pasta sauce:

Rather beautiful appetizers: cucumber slices topped with berry cream and tayberries

and anchovy butter and radish.

Much enjoyed.

Two kinds of pasta sauce; the squash and sage, and/or the arugula pesto with sautéed tomato halves.

And for dessert, some divine crumble, of rhubarb and berries and apples, before

and after, with a dollop of ginger cream.

Meanwhile, in the park, a couple of hummingbird babes are nearly ready to fly…

Blackberries (Himalayan) getting pollinated…

Blackberries (Trailing) getting ready to pick…

Canada Day was fine… many namesake geese on the Gorge, gorging in the sun.

Some garlic scapes on offer

and a bit of Morris dancing.

And here’s my little tribute to the day… Anton scored a couple of free treats from the dog biscuit lady.

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