First seeds

Even here in Lotusland we were reminded it’s still winter with a run of frosty nights, but the chill gave way to a clear sunny day last Saturday in which Haliburton Farm’s friends and neighbours gathered at the farmhouse to buy seeds, plant starts and organic produce and talk about the gardens to come. It was the first Seedy Saturday on Vancouver Island and the beginning of a long season for the seed-sellers who attended: Salt Spring Seeds, Seeds of Victoria and some of the farmers of Haliburton Farm: New Mountain Farm, H&R Veggies and Sunbird Farm II.

Below, Dan Jason – representing Salt Spring Seeds – and farmer Heather – with a tasty selection of  organic produce from H&R Veggies – await customers as the day begins. Visitors, board members and farmers alike listen to Dan Jason’s noontime talk about the importance of seed saving and the value to food and community of knowing where your seeds come from. New Mountain farmers Nate and Mike offered seeds and produce.

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