Petition to save the CBC

From the Friends of the CBC website:

On November 23rd, Stephen Harper’s secret plan for the CBC was revealed when the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage mused publicly about killing our public broadcaster! You can hear the audio for yourself here.

On Dec 6th, the matter of the government’s plan for the CBC was raised in Parliament. The Heritage Minister was asked to disavow his Parliamentary Secretary’s idea of cutting all funding to the CBC. Twice Minister Moore was asked to dismiss the notion that the government should kill public broadcasting. And, twice he refused to do so. You can see the exchange in the House of Commons here.

It’s widely known that the Prime Minister Harper exercises absolute control of his government’s messaging. None of his Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries or MPs speak out without prior approval from the Prime Minister’s Office.

We recognize the threat posed by Harper could be the most serious peril CBC has ever faced. Now is the time for all of us who love and depend on the CBC to stand up and be counted.

Please sign the petition and help spread the word!

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3 Responses to Petition to save the CBC

  1. Steve says:

    This is one of the most objective and detailed posts on this issue I have read so far. Thank you for sharing your point of view. I will be sure to tell my readers about it to. Monsanto does seem to get by with more than it should. You folks in Canada seems to have endured most of it so far. Now it's our turn in the US if we don't speak out.


  2. i have been donating $5 a month to ‘save cbc’ and can longer do this. i have put a ‘stop payment’ on bank account but bank (TD) tells me i have to let ‘save CBC’ know – i do not know who to contact and did try to contact someone and they didn’t get back to me. can you help?